With silk at the core, we provide bed basics; comforters, pillows & protectors. Determined to improve your quality of sleep by providing comfortable and clean bedding essentials that support your physical and mental health.

We are Certified asthma and allergy friendly™ by Allergy Standards CA and Allergy Standards USA; an organization dedicated to helping people create the healthiest possible indoor environment through science, certification and education. SmartSilk™ certified bedding is a highly effective barrier to 99.9% of common household allergens, free of pesticides, chlorophenols, volatile organic compounds, flame retardants, and allergenic dyes & colorants and eliminates water vapour - does not harbor odours and resists mold & mildew.

Yes. Machine wash and dry only when necessary. Our silk filled and silk lined bedding basics wick moisture and act as a barrier to dust mites, allergens and pet dander. Get the most out of your bedding by following our gentle care instructions.

Back sleepers on average prefer a pillow with a medium loft (Loft 2 or Loft 3). Side sleepers on average prefer a pillow of medium to high loft as they need to fill the area between the end of their shoulder and the side of their head (Loft 3 or Loft 4). Stomach sleepers on average prefer a low loft pillow (Loft 1). Don't have a favourite position? We recommend sticking with Loft 2.

The Silk Lined Pillow is filled with a hypoallergenic fiberfill. The premium cotton shell is lined with layers of grade A Tussah silk. Learn more about our materials.

No. Our Silk Filled Comforter or Duvet has a beautiful cotton sateen shell and is availabe in 3 colors so you don't need to use a duvet cover if you don't like to.

Our Silk Filled Comforter is in a premium cotton sateen. Sateen is a term used to describe a special weaving technique where threads are woven in a 3-over-1 pattern. This gives a smooth and silky handfeel.

Designed and tested in Montreal Canada, our Silk Filled Comforter and all of our silk lined bedding essentials will regulate your resting body temperature through four extreme seasons.

It took us over 2 years of rigorous laboratory testing, numerous product redesign and multiple focus group sessions before we were confident that SmartSilk was best in class and ready to go to market.

If you don't love your bedding please contact us for return instructions at wecare@smartsilk.com. Please note return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.


Returns within 30 days receive a full refund of the purchase price.

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