Healthy living begins with a clean environment.

SmartSilk™ certified bedding supports a clean indoor environment by:

Creating an effective barrier to 99.9% of common household allergens.

Using materials free of pesticides, chlorophenols, volatile organic compounds, flame retardants, and allergenic dyes & colorants.

Eliminating water vapour - does not harbor odours and resists mold & mildew.

Frequent washing is not necessary.

Take care of your silk filled bedding with gentle care instructions and you will help preserve longevity.

Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle.

Use delicate soap in small quantities.

Squeeze gently to remove excess water.

Protect the silk by ensuring no soapy residue remains after washing.

Tumble dry on low heat.

If necessary, spin dry twice to remove excess water.

Avoid bleach. Avoid ironing and dry cleaning.