What Are The Best Bed Sheets to Buy?

With SmartSilk’s high-quality bed sheets, you can finally stop asking the age-old question, “What are the best bed sheets to buy for a good night’s sleep?” Everyone is looking for better sleep. Regardless of what your job is, how you spend your daytime hours, or what your daily routine looks like, you can always step […]

What to Look for in the Best Mattress Protector

Breathable Mattress Cover

You don’t just want any mattress protector for your bed—you want the best mattress protector that you can find. High quality mattress protectors do more than just keep your mattress in good condition for longer. Put in the time and research to pick out your best fit and you’ll also have an essential piece of […]

Sheets That Keep You Cool: How the Right Bedding Can Help Prevent Night Sweats

sheets that keep you cool

If you suffer from night sweats, then it’s important to find sheets that keep you cool at night—and that means sheets that are made from light, natural, and moisture-wicking materials. Many people find that temperature regulating sheets are crucial to finding comfort throughout the night, especially if they suffer from night sweats and hot flashes. […]

The History of Silk

The history of silk- Smartsilk

SIlk has been used for thousands of years by people all over the world for a wide variety of things. Before it becomes the delicate and soft silk bedding you adore, silk, in its purest form, is a natural protein fibre produced by silkworms. In this blog, we’re going to break down the intriguing history and the secrets behind the production of one of the most luxurious textiles available.

5 Tips to Help You Get Better Sleep

Woman happily waking up after a good night’s sleep

Various health experts agree that sleep plays a vital role in maintaining a person’s overall health and well-being. Unknown to some, there’s even a dedicated branch of study for it known as Sleep Science. However, the number of hours of sleep you get each night isn’t the only point of consideration when it comes to benefiting from sleep. What matters even more is the quality of sleep that you get.