Discover silk filled and silk lined bedding products.

Silk is a natural thermal regulator, maintaining your resting body temperature all night long. It can absorb up to 30% of it's weight in moisture without feeling damp. Naturally hypoallergenic, it will trigger fewer allergic reactions in people who suffer from allergies. In fact, we're certified.

The Tussah silkworm is wild. Harvested from the forests where they feed on oak leaves, their cocoons are huge compared to others. The unique pedencal stem with the ring at the end is what the silkworm attaches itself to the treebranch with. Harvested after the moth has hatched and the cocoon has dropped from the branch, our silk is cruelty-free.

Grade A is the highest quality silk available. Without the use of harmful chemicals, undyed silk is a honey color, the result of the Tussah silk's mainly oak diet. Made by humans that are preserving traditional silk hand-pulling, we're commited to good manufacturing practices. We've partnered with Allergy Standards, an international certification body that prepares verification protocols for products and services to optimise healthy indoor air.

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