Why Are Silk Pillowcases Good for Your Skin Care Routine?

Without a doubt, the feeling of pure silk on your skin feels amazing, but are silk pillowcases good for your skin?

The answer is yes, and this is the case for multiple factors, such as moisture retention, cleanness, and skin friction. Let’s discuss in more depth why silk pillowcases are the better option, and all the wonderful benefits they have for your skin.

Why People are Ditching Cotton and Choosing A Silk Pillowcase for Skin Care

A silk pillowcase for skin issues and concerns is a far better option than traditional materials, such as cotton. Cotton is the most popular fabric because it’s breathable and has the capacity to easily absorb moisture. However, this is an issue for pillowcases.

All the moisture retained by your skin from your daily serums and creams will instantly be absorbed by a cotton pillowcase. This aspect is especially important for those with naturally dry skin or during dry winter months, as your skin needs as much moisture as it can get. On top of that, all of these substances retained by your pillowcase may foster the development of bacteria and allergens, which can generate many skin problems.

Why Are Silk Pillowcases Better for Your Skin?

Due to silk textile properties, it won’t suck out all the moisture of your skin like cotton does. Plus, silk is not as chemically processed as other materials, being less likely to have chemical dyes and other toxic elements so you can sleep on a cleaner surface that won’t attract as many microorganisms as other materials.

In addition, you probably find yourself at night switching the side of your pillow, especially during the summer, in search of the comfortable, cool side. Due to the cooling effect of silk, you won’t need to make these annoying adjustments. Besides the nice feeling of the silk on your skin, many women who are suffering from hot flashes share that silk pillowcases are the best option for them.

Silk Pillowcase for Skin: The Hidden Antidote for Anti-aging

You’ve probably experienced the fine lines that come after a night of deep sleep. If you sleep on your stomach or side, your face is constantly rubbing against the pillowcase throughout the night, so right after you wake up, you can visibly notice the red marks left by the folds of your pillow.

If you sleep on a silk pillowcase, all those lines would be non-existent as silk has a very smooth texture, allowing your skin to slide with more freedom and not so much friction.

You may not think a few lines and wrinkles in the morning is a big deal, but it has been proven that over time these marks can aggravate the skin and evolve into wrinkles. Silk pillowcases are better for your skin because they can be the added element you need in your daily anti-aging regimen to keep away fine lines and wrinkles

Are Silk Pillowcases Good for Acne?

Silk is especially beneficial for those who either have sensitive skin or allergies. Other materials, such as polyester or cotton, may worsen these conditions. Additionally, there are several proven silk pillowcase benefits for acne.

Considering the properties of silk and its relation to acne, it is important to mention that this material does not clog the pores. A recent clinical trial conducted by Wake Forest University revealed a reduction in acne for the group who slept on “silk-like” pillowcases, in contrast to those who snoozed on cotton covers.

However, please note that you should perceive your silk pillowcase as one key element of a bigger lifestyle routine. You should pay attention to your hormonal problems, diet, and topical treatments. A silk pillowcase can help improve the condition of your skin, but without the other actions it is hard to imagine that this sole improvement would significantly treat your acne.

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