Top Sleep Products for Your Baby’s Nursery

Most parents would likely be able to relate to the fact that making a baby go to sleep has become one of the most daunting tasks in the journey of parenthood. All babies need sleep in order to grow healthy, and there are ways to help them fall asleep and stay asleep so that they can get the rest they need.

If you have the right baby sleep products to supplement your efforts, your baby is sure to sleep soundly! This quick yet extensive list is composed of the most essential baby sleep products that you could ever need.

Let’s dive right in!

A baby sleeping while hugging a plush toy

1.Organic Crib Set

Babies have sensitive skin that needs to be taken care of in meticulous ways. When it comes to selecting the ideal crib sets, organic is the best choice to protect babies from allergies.

SmartSilk’s organic crib set has been designed with a 5-sided mattress pad and a cozy all-natural silk liner, along with a 100% organic cotton finish. Aside from being beneficial to your child’s delicate skin, this crib set comes in an aesthetically pleasing basic white that blends perfectly with any nursery’s theme.

2. White Noise Sound Machine

The serene and repetitive sound of white noise is an exceptional method to help lull your baby to sleep. Heartbeat or wave sounds, in particular, are akin to the feeling being in the mother’s belly, making it a familiar environment for the baby.

White noise sound machines are also great for making adults fall asleep too!

3. Swaddles

Swaddles are a wonderful way to encourage your infant to drift off to dreamland. When used in combination with white noise, the swaddle is virtually a fool-proof way to help your baby get his or her essential amount of sleep.

Being wrapped up in a cozy swaddle gives your child a strong sense of security, while preventing their arms from flailing around while they sleep. However, when swaddling a baby, you also need to make sure that their hips aren’t too tightly wrapped. It needs to be secure, but not constricting.

4. Bassinet

One of the most essential sleep necessities is a safe and comfortable place to sleep, just like a bassinet. These types of pleasant cradles provide a congenial environment for your infant to snooze while keeping them nearby you.

A young child sound asleep

5. Baby Monitor

In this 21st Century, there is a wide array of technology that just continues to develop at a constant rate. Over the years, baby monitors have been upgraded as well. From monitoring audio alone, these essential devices have evolved into high tech gear that will give you peace of mind while your baby sleeps in their nursery.

Moreover, sound, modern baby monitors track movement, temperature, and breathing too. In case anything appears to be out of the ordinary, the monitor will alert you immediately.

6. Humidifier

Humidifiers are one of the most effective tools to help clear up a stuffy nose. If your baby has been dealing with clogged airways, then it would naturally be impossible to get a good night’s sleep. Incorporating a humidifier into your baby’s nursery during the colder seasons of the year is a great way to retain and elevate the levels of moisture in their room. When the baby’s airways are clear, he or she will be able to fall asleep faster and more comfortably.

7. Baby Mobiles

Baby mobiles dangling over your baby’s crib may be there for entertainment purposes, but they also have a calming hypnotic effect that could gradually lull your baby into a deep slumber. Try staring at toys suspended above you, twirling softly in the air, you’d doze off too!

8. Night Light

Night lights with enchanting animal or fairytale patterns that dance across the walls at night will make your baby feel calm and eventually sleepy as well. Choosing the right soothing colors will have a massive effect on how your baby reacts and falls asleep.

9. Dark Curtains or Blinds

Newborn babies have a difficult time distinguishing daytime from night time. This is one of the contributing factors to their reluctance to go to sleep. Dark curtains or blinds shield the nursery from the sunlight, providing a dim environment for your baby to fall fast asleep.

A young child sound asleep

10. Sleep Suits

Babies who outgrow the swaddle need comfortable sleep suits. These pieces of clothing are warm, firm, and soft, making them a smooth transition from the swaddle.

11. Plush Toys

Infants older than 12 months can safely sleep with a plush toy or pillow in their cradle. When they are old enough, sleeping with the comfort of their favorite stuffed toy is an effective way to help your precious angel drift off to dreamland.

Baby’s Best Sleep with SmartSilk

At SmartSilk, we offer a variety of the necessary crib essentials you need in order to ensure your little one gets the best sleep possible. Our organic crib duvets and mattress protectors are certified by The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and The Asthma Society of Canada.