Duvet & Pillow Shams

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Create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere with our Be(d) Chic by SmartSilk™ duvet cover and pillow shams. The cottony softness and luxurious silk blend will enrich both the aesthetic and cleanliness of your bedroom. By coupling the health benefits of the lavish cotton/silk blend with opulent tones of cream, champagne and blush, the Be(d) Chic by SmartSilk™ duvet cover/pillow sham set will create a setting that is fit for a healthy queen, king or California king.

Enjoy a cleaner night's sleep with The SmartSilk™ Shield Advantage that provides you with a proven barrier against allergens and dust mites

With the 65/35 blend of breathable cotton and silk, you will also benefit from our Smart Temperature Advantage that further ensures a high level of comfort. The breathable material will naturally adjust with your body temperature, while also wicking away moisture. This will keep you and your loved ones sleeping restfully all year long.

Our all natural and chemical free Be(d) Chic by SmartSilk™ collection will provide a cleaner and more restful night's sleep. It will help you continue your commitment to maintaining a healthy bed and body.

*Each set comes with 1 Duvet Cover and 2 Pillow Shams.

US$ 525.00

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US$ 525.00