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Our Silk


SmartSilk™ is proud to confirm that we enforce a NO KILL process in extracting the silk used in all of our SmartSilk™ bedding products. We harvest the cocoons only once they have dropped from the silk moth.

The cocoon is then boiled in water to clean the silk floss that is inside. It is then extracted by hand and allowed to dry.

Once the floss has dried it is then spun into a bale of specific weight that is customized to the item to be made.

We only use pure 100% long strand grade A silk that has been washed and cleaned without the use of any harmful chemicals.

"Both Mom and I are enjoying our pillows very much! I enjoy the fact that no matter how much I bunch it up it always comes "back up" to its original form and support. Mom likes the fact that both her neck and shoulders now get support. She could have used a medium soft instead of a medium and so perhaps another time I will order the softer size for her."
"Some pillows feel so lifeless. The SmartSilk does not feel "stuffed" but actually ALIVE! :) Can you believe it but I am actually going to bed earlier just so that I can cuddle with the SmartSilk - helping my insomnia too."
"Merci for a very good product! Seems like your owners worked very hard."
"Hello Stacey, Via the phone, I purchased from you a queen duvet cover and also two queen pillow cases back on 3 May 2016. I have to say that I was a little apprehensive at first, but now I have to say how much I love them!!! Truly, I usually do not email regarding products, but these are exceptional. So unbelievably soft and comfortable. Thank you for persuading me to purchase that duvet cover. Simply wonderful." Best to you, Sylvia C